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Everyone knows that a successful tutor’s resume is a ticket to an interview. It should be composed so as not only not to miss anything but also not to report too much. Details mentioned untimely could ruin even a perfect professional success story and require its start from scratch. Misinterpreted information can cost the desired and expected work.

Your own resume can be supported by your self-promotion (third page), but an accompanying letter is no less important. The resume contains general information about the candidate, and the accompanying paper allows a person to properly focus the employer’s attention. It is a kind of introduction to a cover letter, allowing you to shortly describe yourself to the employer before the latter decides to consider the paper and make a decision on hire. If, at the moment, you are at the stage of compiling this paper and looking for teacher cover letter examples here, then we are glad to announce that you visit a reliable online platform. The information provided here is a very important point. You will surely find the necessary example here.

Factors Influencing the Creation of Teacher Cover Letter

Factors such as purpose, audience, content, and format must be considered when writing a teacher cover letter:

  • Goal. It usually contains specific information on the basis of which the prospective employer will decide whether to hire a potential candidate. Therefore, one of the purposes of the paper is to draw the employer’s attention to your cover letter;
  • Audience. The letter provides an opportunity to attract attention. It characterizes you as a candidate, shows the ability to pay attention to detail, communication skills, enthusiasm, intelligence, and a certain interest in the company to which you send a sample. So, it should be targeted at each individual company. You should do a little research to find out the needs and purpose of the company, and then use the knowledge gained during this research in your writing;
  • Content. The teacher cover letter sample should be addressed to a specific person in the company, the person who will process your application. Typically, this kind of information you can easily find out in a specific organization-recipient. The style of this paper can be casual-formal.

Structural Components of Cover Letter for Teaching Position

Like all official documents, the cover letter for teaching position begins with an entry in the upper right corner, which should point out the personal return address and the date of sending a paper. The address is another element – you need to contact a specific person since addressing not by name will not lead to the desired effect, and more often – to the negative.

The appeal is followed by the main text – it usually consists of three parts, each of which contains certain information about a candidate.

The first part should be short (two or three sentences) and contain specific information about the desired position and how you learned about it, your personal contacts, and your general qualification. Showcase your interest and awareness in the area in which the organization currently operates, as well as your qualification in this field. It is necessary for the future employer to know why you want to receive a position, the compliance of your experience, and qualification with the requirements of this vacancy. Tell about yourself as a good candidate.

The second part consists of one or three longer paragraphs in which you detail your specific qualification for this vacancy. You can use relevant information from your resume, but you should try to be very concise with reference to the details contained in your resume. Point here the most important and relevant achievement, the language knowledge, skill, and experience listed in the resume. Do not forget that this is not the resume itself, so you do not need to rewrite everything from one document to another. You need to specify the minimum, and this should be the main thing that directly applies to the organization in which you want to work.

The final part should comprise personal contact information of a candidate and expressions of readiness to participate in the interview and provide any other additional information. It is also important to thank the employer for taking the time to read a sample.

If a candidate writes correctly and professionally, then there is a chance that the resume will be considered, which means that the probability of passing the interview will increase. Every little thing needs to be given a lot of time because a small mistake can lead to the fact that the search will be delayed for a very long time. Keep in mind that all this is done in order to find work faster. Your paper can be considered the first link in the path of effective search, so you need to treat it, realizing the importance of the case. The properly worded letter will already say a lot about a candidate, and if it is written correctly, the attitude to a general cover letter will definitely be positive.

The recipe for a stellar teaching assistant cover letter should be a direct attitude to work. It is necessary to demonstrate how you imagine the peculiarities of activity, to prove yourself as a candidate with the necessary skill to perform certain tasks. The paper should point your readiness to be useful, to offer specific solutions to important issues. For instance, if we are talking about a substitute teacher cover letter, it should indicate what tasks you may solve working at this vacancy.

Basic Rules of Writing Cover Letter for Teaching Job

We recommend you be guided by some rules when compiling the cover letter for a teaching job:

  • Formulate the basic goal clearly. Describe clearly what purpose you are addressing. Write concisely and succinctly, trying to avoid complex speech turns and idioms;
  • Do not use words like ‘me’, ‘we’, instead use active verbs at the beginning of the sentence: ‘organized’, ‘created’, ‘managed’, ‘studied’, ‘helped’;
  • It is better to focus on work experience and acquired skills if you did not hold a very high position;
  • Do not indicate the reasons for leaving the previous position;
  • Do not specify the amount of salary. If a potential employer is interested in your personality, he will offer you a good level of salary.

It should also be noted that accompanying letters have several varieties, among which it is necessary to allocate a substitute tutor paper, teaching assistant paper, elementary teacher cover letter, etc. The structure and requirements for the cover letter writing service are the same, but some differences can still be allocated. So, for example, a candidate who wants to occupy the position of a primary school educator should showcase his attitude to children, the desire to work with them, and the aim of further development in this area. A candidate who wishes to become a training assistant must indicate why he is eligible for this position. A candidate who wants to be a substitute instructor should also note why he is suitable for filling this vacancy. If this is a new educator accompanying paper, then you need to indicate that you recently graduated from an educational institution and do not yet have work experience. Read more about this below. In fact, there is nothing complicated, just in each case, it is appropriate to focus on a particular position.

Tips for Creating New Teacher Cover Letter

If, until recently, you were a student but today have graduated from an educational institution and are trying to find a good vacancy, it is necessary to think about how to compensate for the lack of work experience. Your general skill should be demonstrated here. Try to describe unpaid work in charitable organizations, as well as temporary activity (it maybe work as a music educator).

Tips for a graduate student in writing a new teacher cover letter:

  • Clearly state the purpose of your search. Do not write unnecessary information about your student life;
  • Include all the positive information. Showcase awards and diplomas for academic achievements;
  • Exclude minor information. If there is no special requirement in the application, it is not important to represent registered letters, a copy of the tab to the diploma or certificate;
  • The manifestation of flexibility. If it is impossible to find a position for a long time, a candidate should pay attention to other options. For example, if the search for work in the private sector has not yielded results, it is possible to contact state-owned enterprises. Temporary work can be considered as an example.

So, study the information about organizations operating in the field that attracts you greatly. It is better to represent a unique paper for each new vacancy (we can mention a preschool teacher cover letter as an example here), focusing on the language knowledge and a general skill that is significant to potential employers.

How to Write a Cover Letter for a Teaching Job: Work Algorithm

Follow the suggested algorithm if you try to find information on how to write a cover letter for a teaching job:

  • Learn more data about the organization and vacancy you are applying for (this can make your sample competitive);
  • Address a paper personally to the employer. There always is a person who makes decisions or takes care of the search and selection of personnel. Find out to whom you can send your sample and contact this human personally, and take care of the correct spelling of his/her name and position;
  • Write a clear and concise cover letter for the teacher resume;
  • Do not beg. Use strong arguments. For example: “It`s a special education teacher cover letter”, “I require your attention since I am a music tutor”, Here’s what I suggest and can do for you”, “Here’s how my skill can help you”, etc.;
  • Complete the work correctly. Conclude it by promising to call at a specific time to make sure that a paper has reached the employer, as well as to give answers to any additional questions. Be sure to call as promised;
  • Check the correctness of creation. First of all, check that the name of the person to whom the paper is addressed is correct. If you are writing in a foreign language, have the text checked by a native speaker. One missing comma or incorrect verb can send a resume to the paper basket if the employer is attentive to the details.

Teacher Cover Letter Template

If you have studied the above information in detail, then try also to pay attention to the examination of teacher cover letter template. A sample teacher cover letter with experience is represented below:

July 11, 2020

Ms. Barbara Smith

East Side City Schools

222 East Street

East Side City, OH 12345-6789

Dear Barbara Smith,

In the recruiting agency “WEB-RESUME.COM.UA”, I received information that your school has a vacancy for the position of a tutor of elementary grades.

I am interested in this vacancy, as it is for me a professional field of activity.

I have 21 years of experience as a primary school educator. I teach basic and additional lessons, including music and choreography. I am a specialist in the development and implementation of new school materials. I have experience conducting music classes on new scientific and pedagogical programs. The high grades of my pupils, who constantly take prizes in the city and regional competitions, can be considered as my achievements.

I am sending you my resume and copies of recommendations for review. I would be grateful for the response and invitation to an interview at a convenient time for you.


Kate Johnson

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So, in this review, we have represented the complete information on how to write an accompanying paper. You can use our example cover letter for teaching job as the basis for your paper. We hope you will manage to create good work! But if difficulties will arise and you require support, please contact our specialists, they will certainly provide you with assistance. It’s not difficult to hire us, and our manager is ready to tell you about this in detail.