Nursing Cover Letter Examples For Your Successful Career

Nurses are always in need, but it is not easy to apply for this job. Candidate have to approve his knowledge and good communication skills. Cover letter is one of the ways to get closer to this job. Check out samples from our experts.
Write My Nursing Cover Letter

It’s crucial to have a great cover letter if you want to get a great job. Nursing cover letter examples may help you a lot to have a much better understanding of how an excellent cover letter in the nursing field should be complete.

Getting a job in healthcare is not easy, while it is a field where everyone should demonstrate the highest level of responsibility. Thus, your cover letter has to depict all your valuable experience in the nursing field and ensure that you are ready to occupy the role. Each skill is important here, and with the tips below, you would be able to create a great nursing cover letter and impress your potential employer.

How to Write a Nursing Cover Letter: Top Tips and Tricks

Do not mix a resume and a cover letter. A cover letter is aimed to explain whether you match a particular post. A resume only states your skills and experience; it is a set of facts. A nursing resume cover letter gives a better understanding of your personality and how you can contribute to the chosen company.

In a cover letter, you should clearly let them know about your interest in that role and the reason for which they should accept you. A cover letter in nursing should not only be made professionally but also be notable and catchy, so the manager could distinguish you among the rest of the candidates.

Not everyone is aware of how to write a nursing cover letter and tries to have one resume and one cover letter for all possible organizations. This is a huge mistake. These documents should be composed for each particular role separately; otherwise, you won’t stand out, and the PR person will simply put them aside.

Helpful Tips on Writing a Nurse Cover Letter

  • When writing a cover letter for nursing job, be sure all the information and experience provided relate to the healthcare sector only (you may provide other experience in your resume);
  • Provide your name and do not forget about contact information;
  • Fill in the date;
  • Set out the name of the addressee and his/her contact information;
  • Create a strong and enthusiastic opening paragraph;
  • After an intriguing introduction, write about each skill you possess related to the healthcare industry and how you applied it during your past working experience;
  • Mention your core qualifications in a separate paragraph;
  • The conclusion should be strong and memorizing, preferably a call to action;
  • Sign your cover letter.

How to Write a Nursing Assistant Cover Letter

A nursing assistant cover letter is crucial in your search for work in the healthcare field. When working on it, read the description of a specific position carefully. If your cover letter aimed to bring you the post of a nursing assistant, you should mention all the specific qualifications that would let your employer realize you are a perfect claimant for them.

Browse some nursing resume cover letter examples to get inspired and see how exactly you should format and build your letter. If you are a nurse who is going to switch careers, read the following sample nursing cover letter that shall give you an understanding of how you should produce your own cover letter.

Sample Nursing Cover Letter

John Builder


[email protected]

July 22, 2020

Dear Hiring Manager,

I was excited to see you have posted a nursing assistant post at Mark & Jared. I have always loved working with people and helping them, so I found myself in the healthcare industry. Nursing is my passion, and I strive to help people regardless of the situation or my mood. I always provide the most optimal care for patients.

Mark & Jared is one of the best healthcare providers that won its “Patients’ Choice #1” award last year, and I feel that my communicative skill would contribute a lot to its success and satisfaction of patients. During my work at Virginia’s State Hospital, I have gained lots of knowledge and skills like bathing, feeding, and grooming patients. I believe they are indispensable for a nurse.

Thank you very much for your time spent reading my cover letter and considering me as a suitor for your nursing assistant post. I am eager to hear more about the opening and show you how exactly I would contribute to the development and success of your hospital and the health of your patients.


John Builder

Writing a Nursing Resume Cover Letter Step-by-Step

Getting the desired career is not that easy while hiring managers to read tons of resumes and cover letters daily. You shouldn’t neglect that step and should compose your nursing student cover letter with full responsibility, putting lots of time and effort into it. Of course, different cover letter examples in nursing help, but if you doubt your skills, better consider a CPRW (certified professional resume writer).

Even an entry-level nursing cover letter should be produced with special attention while it is not an essay aimed to bring you an A+ grade; it is a paper that may change your life and career. Your cover letter should explain precisely why you are a worthy candidature, and frequently, it is not easy to cope with that task. Unlike a resume, it requires more creativity from you.

Your cover letter is aimed to exhibit your ability to interact with patients and your patience during times of difficulties. Below, you see the step-by-step process of writing your cover letter for nursing work.

Step 1. Your Name and Contact Information

There is no specific format for a cover letter, so you list your name and contact details in any convenient way. For example:

John Himes

[email protected], address, phone number


John Himes

[email protected]


phone number

Step2. Outline the Date

Each cover letter, no matter whether it is in nursing or other fields, needs to contain the date. Keep in mind that the resume doesn’t contain the date.

Step 3. Express the Greeting, Name, and Contact Information of the Recipient

After you gave the date, you should mention to whom you address your cover letter. Quite often, it happens that the contestant doesn’t know the name of the hiring manager. In that case, you should check the advertisement or the website of the organization. If you do not find any information still, simply compose something general like Dear Sir/Madam, To Whom It May Concern.

Create an Opening Paragraph

The introduction or opening paragraph to your cover letter in nursing should be intriguing, enthusiastic, proving you researched the company and are excited about the role. Ensure to include the title of the occupation you apply for.

Constitute Paragraphs With Your Nursing Experience and Main Qualifications

You always have a chance to utilize a sample cover letter for a nursing job and see how to complete it. After a strong and catchy opening, you should produce a paragraph about your nursing background. Include only those qualifications that match a chosen profession. The rest you say in your resume.

Any relevant skill should be mentioned, also write about your achievements that make you a valuable entrant. Write about your contribution to the success and growth of your current or past proprietor and how you could apply the same skill to your new post.

Create a Memorizing Conclusion

To end your cover letter for a nursing occupation, mention once again why you are their perfect nominee, be enthusiastic, and write a call to action. What does a call to action mean? Mention in your cover letter that you want to hear back from the organization to discuss further steps. Do not forget to sign it with your full name and signature.

Exploit Nursing Cover Letter Examples New Grad for a Successful Writing Process

There is a chance to employ nursing cover letter examples of new grads for your inspiration and a better understanding of the process. But even when applying a sample cover letter for a nursing job application, try to keep in mind the following:

  • Research on the boss. Before you even start to work on your cover letter for a nursing post, find out the background, history, and activity of the organization;
  • Include only relevant data in your cover letter. The rest you include in your resume, but your cover letter should contain only the data and skills that have a connection to your nurse occupation in a new organization;
  • Remember that a nurse should have not only nursing skills. Do not forget to mention such skills as communication and interaction with people;
  • Review, cover letter editing service, and proofreading improve your cover letter. Do not give yourself any slack because once you have finished your cover letter, you should review it a couple of times until it looks perfect. A simple error may spoil the overall impression of your cover letter.

A Nursing Cover Letter Template Comes in Handy

Open a nursing cover letter template to help yourself with that complicated task and facilitate the process. Remember that a cover letter in nursing just accompanies your resume and summarizes your qualifications and the description. A brilliant template eases the task a lot.

Utilize the template above in that article or search for some others on your own. Just find a reputable source for reading cover letter examples. The nursing field is very peculiar, so you should pay special attention to details when working on your cover letter. You can also search for some resume examples on the web.

What if Nursing Resume Cover Letter Examples Do Not Help?

It often happens that people browse tons of nursing student cover letter examples but still cannot understand how to write nursing cover letters. If you are such a nurse, you can always get the assistance of CPRW. A professional resume writer shall describe each necessary skill and impress your potential chief by a professional text.

The nursing profession requires a proficient resume and other professionally composed documents to prove your qualification and the perfect match to the occupation. Cover letter writing service is not enough; it is crucial to review it, proofread, and polish it. So if you feel like you need the nurse position but lack special knowledge or skills, entrust this task to a professional.