Free Engineering Cover Letter Examples And Best Writing Tips

Cover letter is very important while applying for a job, especially in engineering. Our specialists prepared some samples and tips for you on this issue. They are also ready to help with cover letter writing at any time.
Write My Engineering Cover Letter

If you have pictured your dream job, congratulations. You already see yourself somewhere in the brightest future. But the problem is to get that job, and you need to write a resume and an engineering cover letter first. But don’t panic at once because the engineering cover letter examples will help you do that perfectly.

How to Write An Engineering Cover Letter Step by Step

Getting a position in engineering is honorable and challenging at the same time. No, you do not have to be a genius to get that job. But you will need to put some effort and time if you want to be distinguished by the manager from the crowd of other applicants.

An engineering cover letter is a crucial step for your career, so you need to pay special attention to it, as well as to your resume. Below, you will find out how to write an engineering cover letter almost hassle-free to try and get a job in the desired company.

Start With the Hook

You had probably written lots of essays when you were a student. So you should remember any essay starts with a hook. No matter that you are not in college anymore, you have learned how to write your essay for a good reason. It will be very helpful for your future career, and it’s time to apply these skills right now. So:

  • Start with a proper heading (name, title, email, and phone number of you and your manager);
  • Start with the proper greeting (Dear Name);
  • Write a catchy introduction (first paragraph). In the opening paragraph, you should grab the attention of the employer and keep it till the very end, so make sure to start your cover letter with specific detail, for example, a very impressive achievement.

Don’t Duplicate the Information From Your Resume

Do not mix a resume and a cover letter. Repeating the information in a cover letter is one of the most common mistakes. Remember that a resume is just a set of facts stating your working experience. A cover letter is a personalized application mentioning your reasons for choosing that organization, your skills, motivation, and only relevant experience. It should also represent your knowledge about the company of your choice.

Include Only Relevant Information to Your Cover Letter for Engineering Job

Do not write about the skills and achievements that do not relate to the chosen industry or job. They can find it out from your resume. You should mention only relevant information, the achievements that would be helpful for the current company.

Stick to the Proper Structure

Like any other cover letter, an engineering intern’s cover letter doesn’t have a strict structure. However, you cannot write it in a free and creative form still. There are some rules you still should stick to:

  • Do not write more than three-four paragraphs;
  • Always have an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion
  • Use proper, formal vocabulary. Avoid using informal words and especially, greetings and salutations.

Engineering Cover Letter Template

Geoffrey Scott


7878 Brighton Inn Road

Phoenix, AZ 55666


[email protected]

27 June 2020


Mindy Proctor

Team Manager

ArtBuild Ltd.

0255 Birmingham Folk Lane

Phoenix, AZ 55666


Dear Mindy,

I have been managing the team that increased production efficiency by 34% in Falcon LADC Metal Plant for five years. Your opening in ArtBuild Ltd. woke up my strong desire to move forward.

ArtBuild Ltd is a well-known leader in the world of engineering. I feel that I match that role perfectly for several reasons. First of all, I have outstanding abilities of teamwork and managed a team of professionals who showed steady production results. I know that I can increase the production rate in your organization as I did in my current position.

I have about seven years of experience in engineering and am sure I could reproduce my results in ArtBuild Ltd. Your mission to deliver top-quality prosthetics to our citizens is close to me, especially after my mother lost her arm in June 2010.

I would be happy to appoint some time for further discussion and would love to show you how my achievements in Falcon LADC Metal Plant could contribute to your success.

Sincerely yours,

Geoffrey Scott

Engineering Cover Letter Writing Tips

No matter whether you are a builder or an engineer, you need to submit a resume and a cover letter if you want to get a dream job. Of course, writing an engineering internship cover letter or a resume doesn’t guarantee you will be hired by the company while there are other factors influencing this, for example, your interview.

However, a professionally built resume and cover letter will boost your chances of getting a job a lot. Here are some good tips for writing your entry-level engineering cover letter that will facilitate the process and save some of your time and nerves.

Use a Template

If you do not know and have never written a cover letter, you can use mechanical engineering cover letter examples for your convenience. But avoid copy-pasting information from there. Simply use it as a scheme and inspiration for your own cover letter.

Write a Strong Conclusion

The final paragraph of your chemical engineering cover letter should contain a call to action and let your potential employer know that you are willing to go further. Thus, you should express your wiliness and readiness to come for an interview and discuss the details of the position. Once again, you can use a template to see how to write a call to action.

Proofread and Review Your Cover Letter

Once you have written your document, put it aside for some time, and give yourself time to think and rest. It is better to get back to it in 24 hours or so. In that case, your mind will be free of thoughts and will not be so tired now. You might have been working for a long time, and now, you won’t be able to think well.

Once you got back to it, review it, and see all the mistakes, grammar issues, and even typos. Improve your saved template and eliminate all the errors and mistakes. We do not recommend neglecting this step, while one single mistake or typo can spoil an overall impression of you. So review your template and improve everything, including style and sentence structure. Remember the simplicity of genius.

Write a Separate Engineering Cover Letter Template for Each Job

One of the biggest mistakes is when people start using one and the same cover letter for each potential employer. Even though this industry is not really creative, your uniqueness still matters. They browse tons of similar letters every day, and finding something unique and outstanding is not that easy. Once they see you used just a sample, your cover letter will be put aside.

So we recommend you prepare a unique document for each new employer. Each employer is unique, has its own goals, history, awards, and achievements. And each of them is looking for its own skills and qualities that would be helpful for their industry.

So if you want to become a part of their team, you should show your personality, personal and professional traits, your awareness of the employer’s background, and your wish to become one of them.

So research your employer before submitting your application. Find out what they need and what they are looking for and only then, start working on your sample engineering cover letter. If you plan to submit your application in July, start your research at least in June to have enough time for quality work.

How To Tailor It

No matter whether you are looking for a job as a builder or another one, you will need to tailor the documents to submit. Of course, if you do not want them to look as if you didn’t care much to write them. Here are a couple of tips for your successful writing process:

  • Read the job description with special attention. Why do you need that? The job description contains lots of keywords you will need to include in your application. They are the basis for all the letters;
  • Mention all your duties and skills related to the chosen role;
  • Show that you really understand what qualities they are looking for;
  • Include only those achievements that match the employer perfectly, do not write any irrelevant information;
  • Show your motivation to work extremely hard when you get your new role.

We hope these tips and engineering internship cover letter examples will help you make the right choice and facilitate the process of cover letter writing service one of the most important documents in your life. Remember that you may browse tons of civil engineering cover letter examples, but you should create unique content that would tell your story only, not someone else’s.