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Good cover letter is chance to increase your chances of being invited to the interview. Take our examples to create stunning papers.
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A letter of recommendation, social autobiography, and resume usually include a cover letter. The main purpose of the cover letter is to encourage the employer to read a cover letter and get an interview format invitation.

The cover letter should include a greeting to the employer, on whom the hiring decision may depend, or to the person who will actually lead the newcomer at the initial stage of the job. It is necessary to clarify in whose name the letter should be sent. In a cover letter, you can show your awareness of a job position, whole organization, its successful social projects, etc. This information can be found in many trade magazines. If the letter is written in response to an ad, this reason is also indicated.

The main part of a cover letter should include brief information about the applicant with a link to the resume attached to the letter. It usually expands the idea of the employer about the applicant and convinces him of the need to offer a position. There must be no false data.

In the final part of a cover letter, the applicant usually asks for a meeting in the format of an interview. It is necessary to include some standard information in a letter: the phrase “Hope for a job position”, three lines below the signature, followed by the surname, initials, and the address, telephone number, and email of the author of a letter.

Not every modern person has the skill of successfully writing a cover letter. However, a cover letter template can help you in getting the desired position. If you really want to download a template, we are pleased to inform you that this website provides a cover letter template free. The information in this paragraph is very helpful.

Resume Cover Letter Template Without Payment

Read the requirements for the content of a resume cover letter template. It is a useful tip for you:

  • Accuracy of social information provided to the employer. You should avoid false data and include short words and phrases in your cover letter;
  • Maximum accessibility of the general text of a cover letter. Include simple phrases that unambiguously express each paragraph;
  • Brevity. Experts give a tip not to include superfluous false information in a letter;
  • Literacy. Check every paragraph of a cover letter for consistency with grammar and spelling;
  • Correctness. Include a polite social format of presentation data to the employer. It usually leaves a pleasant impression of the author of a cover letter. Otherwise, a false impression may arise.

Taking into account the information of the above paragraph, it is necessary to directly consider a cover letter template google docs.

Here is a cover letter template. Try to read it attentively:


I am writing the cover letter to you with a request to read my cover letter for a vacancy “X”.

Introduction. Explain in your cover letter the desire to work for the employer in a certain vacancy.

Main part. Insert in each paragraph of your cover letter the basic requirements that are indicated in the job description by sections: education; professional skills and knowledge; technical skills, languages.

Completion. At the end of a letter, include information on the question, “Why should you take this position?”. In this paragraph, express the hope for successful cooperation with the employer.

Signature. Include your contact data (phone number, email).


Surname, first name.

This cover letter template word can be used as a basis for creating your unique letter.

Template Cover Letter Examples

It is appropriate to devote this paragraph to considering template cover letter examples. You may read them below.

Here is an example of a short cover letter. Use it as a tip:

Dear …,

In response to your vacancy “Refrigeration Equipment Sales Manager” published in the “Social Work and Salary” magazine, I am writing this letter and sending my resume to your email address. Please, do not leave it unattended.


Full name and contact data (phone, email, etc.).

We also tip you to consider an example of a complete cover letter:

Dear …!

I found information on the website that your company has a vacancy for an outdoor advertising sales manager. I decided to write this cover letter and send it to your email since you may be interested in my candidacy for this position due to the development. Try to read it carefully.

I am currently working in the advertising division as a specialist in advertising projects.

My main tasks include finding clients for placing commercial information on the media offered by the company, conducting media transactions, working with media agencies and contractors.

Existing experience in product presentation, collecting media information about a potential client, and communication skills with managers of all media levels, allowed me to achieve high results and the title of ‘best employee of the year’.

Having carefully studied the range of responsibilities and requirements for the position, I assume that the existing work experience and media skills will allow me to achieve high performance, bring profit to the company.

Attached to the letter is my cover letter. I will gladly accept the offer to meet with you and tell you a little more about myself.


Full name and contact data (phone number, email, etc.).

The examination of a student cover letter is our next tip:

Dear Mr. (Ms.) …!

As an experienced programmer currently completing his master’s degree at the Institute of Economics and Law, I would like to request information by email on possible vacancies for the summer. I am interested in a job position that would allow me to combine the abilities of a programmer and a specialist in the field of economics. My email resume indicates that I have extensive work experience and am always glad to new opportunities to prove myself.

The professional experience gained had a positive effect on the quality of the educational process and helped to easily master the necessary information in the specialty.

I hope that the information on my cover letter will give you an idea of ​​my potential and allow you to make the right decision.

I will gladly accept the offer to meet with you and tell you a little longer about myself, and what benefits, in my opinion, I could bring to your company. If you are interested in my candidacy, please contact me by email.


Full name and contact data (phone number, email, etc.).

Try to study the above cover letter examples carefully. It will help you to choose a paragraph with the necessary cover letter template free download.

Rules of Creation a Free Cover Letter Template

The cover letter template, represented on this website, was created by professional specialists with extensive experience in the field of cover letter writing service various template papers. They were guided by certain rules in the process of writing this cover letter template. Therefore, we recommend that you also adhere to these instructions when creating your own cover letter for an email cover letter:

  • Know your recipients. Take into account the format of the organization and the personal qualities of a particular employer. An appeal to an unknown person will be false;
  • Generate interest. Your cover letter should include relevant data for the employer;
  • Grab the attention of a potential employer. Follow a strict format of a representation of the basic idea of your cover letter;
  • Do not forget about the main purpose of a letter. It is important to include data to convince the employer that you are a valuable specialist.

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So, we hope you will manage to download a free cover letter template. If you need assistance, please contact us, and we will definitely help you to get a template to email and create a stellar letter, each paragraph of which will be distinguished by high conciseness and uniqueness!