Top Cover Letter For Internship Writing Tips

Very often people think that it is too difficult to create a good cover letter for internship. We can reveal this myth. Even if you can't write a CL individually, our experts are always ready to assist you.
Write My Cover Letter For Internship

A cover letter for an internship is crucial for every student and changes his or her career in a matter of time. Any reputable company would hire people only by the first impression, so you don’t have a right to fail. So before even dreaming of an interview, you should first create an outstanding internship cover letter.

But, of course, first, you should write a professional resume. Once your resume is complete, you start writing your cover letter. It is necessary to provide these documents along with your application. They are aimed to prove to your employer why you are a perfect candidate for them.

Knowing how to write a good cover letter for an internship is essential. If you are an intern and take care of your career, devote some time to reading the following tips, and find out how to impress the manager who will possibly hire you.

How to Write a Good Cover Letter for an Internship Efficiently

A college student’s cover letter for an internship is not as complicated as you imagine. However, everyone feels more responsibility, and that’s for a good reason. Your career and life may depend on it. It is crucial to show you are a proper candidate. And when you need to describe yourself and “sell” yourself to the company, this task is even more complicated.

Not each intern is able to describe his or her qualities to attract the attention of the manager. But you shouldn’t be a great writer to do it and to write an outstanding cover letter. Be aware of how to write a resume cover letter for an internship.

Tip 1. Be Enthusiastic and Show Your Desire

Your experience does matter for the manager. However, it is not all yet. More often, the company should see your desire and motivation to work for them. It is easy to become an intern, even without any work experience. More important for your manager is to see how motivated you are to work for their company. Highlight your desire in the following ways:

  • Describe interests that relate you the position;
  • Provide some examples of how you were initiative;
  • Always remain honest and do not exaggerate the information provided in your internship cover letter.

If you are afraid that the manager won’t invite you for an interview because you have no experience, do the following:

  • Tell about school projects you participated in, for example, your volunteer or extracurricular activity;
  • Tell about an interesting experience in your life that is related to the internship position;
  • Show that you are a candidate who is willing to get new knowledge and is open to learning new things and getting new skills;
  • Check your resume again and see what skill is the most valuable, add it to your cover letter as well.

Tip 2. Show That You Are More Than an Intern

Don’t think that internship means only making coffee and being on errands. Very often, a company entrusts an intern with different projects if they see your potential. If you do it successfully, you might get a job at the same organization. But to do that, you should go beyond your cover letter first.

It is necessary to show that you manage to exceed expectations, and you should show it in your cover letter for an internship with no experience. Demonstrate your ability to cope with different tasks. The manager will be happy to hire you if you exceed his or her expectations.

Here is how to do that:

  • Ask the manager’s name beforehand by browsing the website of the company or calling them directly and confirming it. Avoid cover letter writing service general salutations such as “Dear Sir/Madam” or “to whom it may concern.” State the name and address to a hiring person directly;
  • Don’t worry if you were told the wrong name because it doesn’t matter. You will already have a huge bonus in the crowd of other candidates just because you know how to address your internship cover letter properly.

Tip3: Double-Check the Format of Your Cover Letter

A cover letter for a marketing internship doesn’t have a strict format, but there are some things you should stick to. For example:

  • Try not to exceed four or five paragraphs; otherwise, your cover letter will seem unprofessional;
  • Use an internship cover letter template to see the structure and style;
  • Try to find the right balance between your professional and personal qualities.

Tip 4. Realize That You Have Competitors

No matter what industry you are going to apply to, there are always other people who are going to do the same. Even though you may not perceive your internship too seriously and accept it just as a temporary job, it may give you great career opportunities and a full-time job.

Thus, any industry is full of those who want to join them and get valuable experience. So if you do not want to miss the opportunity to get a new skill or a good job, order “write my cover letter for me” service for accounting internship thoughtfully and be attentive to the details. Otherwise, you may lose some great opportunities.

The Structure of a Cover Letter for Internship With No Experience

Regardless of the industry, a cover letter for finance internship or any other cover letter has a particular structure.

The internship cover letter beginning 

Unlike a resume, a cover letter for an internship has its opening. Of course, you should start by introducing yourself to the manager who might hire you. But do not start with “My name is… and I am from…”. This would be quite a boring introduction.

You should mention the sources you’ve learned about the internship and explain your motivation for submitting the application to their company – just one paragraph. After that, go to the second paragraph.

Main body 

This paragraph of your internship cover letter contains your most valuable skills and accomplishments. Show your passion for the industry.

If you are not experienced in the industry, you should mention your academic accomplishments. Don’t be afraid to go beyond your cover letter and prove that you will exceed the company’s expectations.

In the third paragraph, prove that your application is unique and different from that of other internship candidates. We recommend researching on the company first. By having as much information about them as possible, you will be able to show why exactly you fit them and are the best candidate.

Internship cover letter ending

The last paragraph of your cover letter for summer internship should encourage your employer to act. A call to action means you are ready to come for an interview. Do not forget to express your gratitude to the person who is likely to hire you for his/her time and consideration.

Here is a tip: To succeed with your internship, learn how to make a cover letter for an internship well.

What Is a Cover Letter Format for Internship?

There is no specific cover letter format for the internship. However, do not forget to bear in mind a couple of things:

  • Remain formal. A cover letter accompanies a resume. You should avoid informal vocabulary and salutations like Hey, Hello, See you, Enjoy your day, etc. All the vocabulary should be formal and proper no matter what the field of the company is;
  • Stick to a three-four-paragraph structure. Remember that just like any essay, a cover letter in an internship has all the constituent parts of an essay;
  • If you want them to hire you, you should state the contact details of both sides –yours and the manager.

Is Writing a Cover Letter for an Internship Difficult?

Writing a cover letter for an internship can be both difficult and easy at the same time. Everything depends on whether your creative and writing skills allow you to write a quality internship cover letter without anyone’s help. Our main tip would be to investigate the company first. No matter whether it is a marketing or financial field, an internship requires responsibility.

If you feel like you do not have enough knowledge or time to create a good internship cover letter on your own, ask for professional help. It is not free but very effective. And if you want to write your cover letter in an internship for free, simply use a free tip online. Or use a template below to write a great marketing internship cover letter on your own.

Internship Cover Letter Template

Dear Mr. Jenkins,

I am excited to hear that Agriculture Ltd. has announced its internship in marketing. I am sure to become a valuable member of your team, taking into account my achievements in marketing in college.

In my four years at Pennsylvania College, I’ve gathered great knowledge in marketing and am striving to connect my career with it. I’ve practiced in business consulting a lot and applied valuable skills, such as selling goods to corporate customers, conducting negotiations, and using mobile programs for selling goods.

Moreover, I have spent my last vacation volunteering with a local non-profit organization that was looking for sponsors for orphanages. I’ve arranged and conducted up to 35 negotiations between the non-profit organization and potential sponsors successfully thanks to my communicative skills.

I am sure to contribute a lot to your team. This internship is important for me to get new valuable knowledge and become more skillful in marketing.

I am grateful for your time and for considering me as a candidate. I am ready to come for an interview. Feel free to contact me anytime.


Garet Ochoa

Use each tip on how to write a cover letter for college internship and remember they are free. Use the template above and make sure to include the date and contact details. The internship could become a great time, so show you are a valuable candidate. Be the intern everyone wants to hire. And you can do it only thanks to a successful cover letter in marketing or any other field.