How to Write a Cover Letter in 2022: Full Guide With Tips

How to write a cover letter? – This is one of the biggest dilemmas for everyone who looks for a job or switches careers. This question frightens lots of people, and it’s no wonder while your career may depend on that small paper. Applicants read tons of pages figuring out how to cope with it.

If you are one of those who are blacking out once hearing about compiling a cover letter, we understand your pain and are here to ease your hard work.

The information on how to write a cover letter in 2022 can facilitate your life. You also find out what elements you should include in your good cover letter. We also provide you with some samples. Using them, you should see the proper format for your document.

What Is a Cover Letter?

Even every student knows what a resume is. But what is a cover letter? Everyone knows these two documents are crucial for everyone’s career, but not everyone knows well what they are and how to make them properly.

Thus, a resume contains information about your job experience represented in the form of facts. That paper aims to render the information about your personality, introduce you to the hiring manager. A person who can hire you should be impressed with the information provided in it and memorize you.

Cover Letter Definition

This document is to be submitted when applying for a job demonstrating your interest in the position posted by a company. A resume and a cover letter should not be written carelessly. And these two papers define whether the manager who can hire you is going to ask you for an interview.

It means that you need to write the best cover letter, and it should be unique, so the company would consider you to be a precious candidate. You can use a template as a source of good ideas but, by no means, you should copy-paste any sentences to your cover letter.

Although there is no specific format, the format of your cover letter should relate to the area you apply to. You should stick to the proper format only when writing your resume. However, your letter should be well-structured and organized, have a logical flow.

What to Include in a Cover Letter

Knowing what to include in a cover letter is essential. If you believe it would be great to inform you about all your working experience, you are wrong because this is what you need to include in your resume only. Tell your employer a story about your career. But include only those paths that match the chosen position.

Each skill you describe should be useful for the company you are applying to. Thus, a good cover letter should contain the following information:

  • Your working experience meets the requirement of the posted job;
  • Each skill meets the requirement of the posted job;
  • The reasons for which you have a wish to work in the company.

A manager that is going to hire you should realize that you fit that job perfectly. And if you want to convince the employer of it, it is necessary to look at each job requirement and create a good cover letter according to them.

How to Start a Cover Letter

Knowing how to start a cover letter is already 50% of your success.

H3: Start with the name of the addressee

The first thing your manager should see is the greeting and his or her name. Knowing the name of the reader would be perfect. But if you do not know it, write something general like “Dear Sir/Madam,” “to whom it may concern,” etc. Make your cover letter more personalized by stating the name.

Show your interest in the company 

If you are applying to that position, you probably desire to work in that organization most of all. Even if you don’t, the manager should think you have a real enthusiasm for their company. It would be easy to do if you have used their cover letter writing services or products before. In that case, you could demonstrate your motivation.

But even if you were not acquainted with the organization and its activity before, you should say something that would show you are really eager to work in the company. Try to read the information about them and mention something specific you are attracted to.

Mention recommendations

For example, if some of your friends who work in that organization recommended that position to you, mention it. Mention it right in the opening. If you have no idea how to make a cover letter intriguing, this would be a real hook. The person who is to hire you may wonder why one of their valued employees recommended you for that role.

However, you should be careful because the manager may think you are bragging. Try to do the following:

  • Do not use “bragging” words such as “best,” “ most excellent,” “the smartest,” etc.;
  • Try to show you are grateful for the recommendation;
  • Do not devote too much space to it; one-two sentence would be enough.

Tell about your best accomplishments

In your introduction, you should tell about one of the best achievements that are essential for the chosen position. If you strive to stand out, you should grab the attention of the reader from the very first line. The most important is to show the results related to that achievement. Show the connection between your previous success and your future job.

Show you researched on the company

As it was mentioned above, you should know the knowledge about the organization you want to work in. If you saw some information about it in the news or read something on social media, mention it. But be sincere in your admirations, do not exaggerate. Open your cover letter with a fact, statistics, or awards of your potential employer you really admire.

Show your devotion to your job

One of the best qualities of a good employee is his or her passion for what he/she does. The employee who might hire you will be really impressed if you show passion in what you do. The employer should see you are a motivated candidate.

Don’t be afraid to be creative

A cover letter is not a good paper for showing your creativity, but still, you should not be afraid to tell your story with a bit of humor. But make sure your story to be related to that organization. Grabbing their attention is your task, and if that content is appropriate, then why not?

Show your agreement with the goals and values of the potential employer

You probably have read some information about the company on their site and know their goals and beliefs already. You can show that your goals coincide and that you agree with their values. Make sure not to restate the words from their website. Just write a reflection of their views in your opening paragraph.

How to Write a Cover Letter With No Experience: Let’s Speak About the Length and Format

How long should a cover letter be in 2022? If that’s too short, it will look as if you compiled your cover letter carelessly and didn’t put much effort into it. If it is too lengthy, your employer is to hardly read it till the end and simply puts it aside.

Your cover letter should be as long as a half-page-one-page. It would be perfect for keeping it in four paragraphs. Each of them should have its opening and closing sentences and represent a separate thought.

Cover Letter Tips

How to write a cover letter with no experience? If you also wonder about it and have no experience, a cover letter still won’t be a problem. But you might need some help, so don’t hesitate to use these cover letter tips for your cover letter:

  • Always have a new cover letter for a new position. We know that it is much more convenient to use your previous document, but believe us, you will not impress your potential employer if you simply change the name of the company. Sure, you can use some sentences and paraphrase them, but your cover letter is to be totally unique if you want to be impressive;
  • Go beyond the resume. Your resume should also be perfect, but please, do not repeat or include the same information in your cover letter. What is a cover letter for a job? It is a fully unique and separate document that opens the best traits of your personality and each skill necessary for a required job;
  • Avoid considering what the organization can do for you. The employer is not interested to know whether their organization suits your expectations or requirement. The representatives of the company need to know whether you are good for that position and whether you match them;
  • Do not tell about but show your ability to solve specific problems. Anyone can say he or she is a perfect problem-solver. The employer doesn’t need your words but sees the proofs. Tell about the specific experience that would demonstrate how exactly you did that;
  • Think of the tone and style. To understand what tone and style you should choose for your cover letter, once again, conduct your research about the company. That helps and guides you and give a great idea of the organization and what they expect;
  • Always be honest. By no means be insincere or dishonest, the state only true data and facts, do not exaggerate anything. Once they reveal you are dishonest, you won’t avoid failure.

How to End a Cover Letter: Let’s Do It the Best Way Possible

Knowing how to end a cover letter is a half success:

  • Think like the manager and include something impossible to resist.

e.g., “I would be happy to learn more about the job and would love to show you in person how I could contribute to the sales increase. “;

  • A cover letter ending should be strong. Thus, you should offer something valuable;
  • End your file with the promise to solve the employer’s problems and contribute to their growth.

e.g., “I am eager to hear more about the position and show you why my previous employer called me irreplaceable.”;

  • End it with a promise to save some money for the company or a skill that can help do that;
  • Don’t use informal closing salutations, such as cheers, see you, have a nice day, warmest regards, etc. Stick to proper format even when you are closing your cover letter.

How to Write a Cover Letter: Example and Expert Tips

Even with no experience, creating a cover letter can still be possible. You just need some time for it and effort. In short, do the following:

  • Read some examples to see what format to use and what information to include;
  • Check out our detailed guide above; it can help you understand the requirement to cover letter drafting;
  • Read the job description carefully to realize what skill will be helpful and useful for the company;
  • Find out as much information about the company, as possible, so you could be able to show your deep knowledge and interest in it;
  • Hire a professional writer if you are not sure you can meet the requirement of the employer and tell a good story. A professional cover letter will help you get a job.

Cover Letter Example

In case you have no clue how to write a cover letter, an example will help you do that and come closer to a job you wish. Just remember what each cover letter is to include:

  • A catchy introduction;

“I was excited to see that Advertisement Inc. is hiring an affiliate manager skilled at boosting the brand’s popularity and searching for a new partnership, especially since I have attended a couple of your speaking events three months ago. I believe that I fit that job perfectly since I have 6+ years of experience as an affiliate manager.”

  • Specific examples of how you cope with your job and how you solved the problems, as well as what skill you applied to solve them;

“My exceptional communicative skill helped me conduct up to five negotiations per day with potential partners and I managed to bring 5-10 new affiliate partners to the company I worked for each month.”

  • Strong and encouraging conclusion

“I am eager to hear more about the job opening and tell you how exactly I increased the number of affiliates by 35% and could do the same for your company”.

How to Write a Cover Letter 2022: Be Confident

Confidentiality is the key to success, while the manager who might hire you is looking for a confident and goal-oriented person for their job. You should write your cover letter confidently, showing each skill that would be helpful and useful for your potential employer.

Do not simply brag about your skills but learn each job requirement carefully and state only those qualities and achievements your employer needs. Make sure to include facts, data, statistics, and real numbers in your cover letter. If you can solve the issues, it contributes to your career a lot, mention that skill in your cover letter.

Remember that a cover letter is crucial for your career and will help you get a new job, so do not neglect to devote enough time and effort to it. Tell your story so the employer would want to hire you. If you do not have enough skills, ask a professional cover letter writer to guide you.

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